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What Is Cosmetic Acupuncture?

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What is Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Have you always wanted a facelift but it’s either been too expensive, or too scary, or you’ve seen how as time goes by the surgical facelift seems to stretch and melt?

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Why would you want to do that to your face? Your precious face?

People have trusted acupuncture for years to help balance their energy, well let’s up the game and let it rejuvenate your face!

Who says you have to age poorly!?!

Cosmetic Acupuncture is a NON SURGICAL facelift. Really, it’s a facelift. But no cutting. No obvious healing time. And no chance of it going backward on you.

Microneedling is thousands of years old, but updated with modern technology to make it safer, easier, and oh my gosh so very effective!

What do sessions consist of?

Great Question!

We begin by sitting in front of a red light. Why? This red light helps us begin by boosting your collagen (or the spiral filaments in your face that give it lift) by 200%!

Then you lay down, I clean your face, and I begin. We can target certain areas AND do your whole face and neck. The whole procedure takes about 35 minutes and is painless for most, and a little “sensational” for some. But I am in full control of the depth of the needles and can back that off to your comfort level so there is no reason to fear any pain.

Then Voila!

What Does Cosmetic Acupuncture Help?

Now let’s get cooking on understanding what this Non-Surgical FaceLift actually achieves.

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  • Removes fine lines and wrinkles, as well as lightens or removes deep lines (smile lines and crows feet for instance.)
  • Transforms Thin Skin into luscious healthy skin
  • Lightens or Fully removes age spots or other pigmentation
  • Heals Acne scars
  • Lessens or Removes Eye Bags and dark circles
  • Lifts and Tightens the whole face overall
  • Removes deep pores/blackheads on the nose
  • Turns aging skin back into youthful, glowing skin.
  • Lifts and Firms Sagging Neck, Cheeks and Eyelids
  • Addresses the whole body and uses Chinese Herbs to treat constitutions from your Root, not just the skin on your face…

What is the Science Behind Cosmetic Acupuncture?

I’m going to break this down into laymen’s terms for you so you can understand how remarkable a gift you are about to give yourself.

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The microneedle pen holds 12 tiny specially shaped needles vibrating at 10,000 RPM.  That’s fast!  So fast you can’t even really feel it.

Anyway, the needles puncture your skin and create a channel to where collagen is created.  That puncture is considered an “injury” and the very helpful parts of your healing clean-up team show up to clean up the mess and in doing so…..fix what they have missed before :). The natural healing process fills in these channels by producing new collagen and elastin in the papillary dermis (That is biology talk for a layer of your skin).  In addition, new capillaries are formed for even more improved blood supply.

It’s a kind of trickery……but in your best most beautiful interest.

With microneedling, the top layer of your skin is parted without being damaged…and this is the KEY point to the whole thing.  Your skin remains intact through and after the whole procedure. In addition, it does not burn your skin like peels or more invasive lasers.  This fact alone is worth its weight in gold!

The needle penetration depth can be adjusted based on the skin and what we are treating from .25mm to 2.50mm. Using this approach as needed will trigger the body’s repair process until the desired level of skin rejuvenation is achieved.

How Long Does Cosmetic Acupuncture Last?

This is a very good and important question.

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While results differ a little from person to person based on the severity of the facial depletion or level of scaring, in general, the guideline is that whatever results you see will last 3-5 years.

How many sessions will it take to get to your desired outcome? Again, the best-case scenario is 6 sessions performed once a month.

Will I need maintenance?
Most people find the healing that comes from the facelift through their entire body! This keeps them coming back monthly or every other month. This is not bad for the face, in fact it triggers healing responses through your entire body since there are multiple channels being accessed through your face that address total body health and balance.

Regular maintenance is not required, you can simply schedule as needed after your six sessions are complete or the level of your desired outcome has been reached.

Most people find the treatment results last longer when they incorporate body acupuncture which balances the whole being. I find that to be true as well.

Does Cosmetic Acupuncture Hurt?

No. And let me tell you exactly how it will feel. If you have had acupuncture before you will feel the same sense of relaxation and wellness that you expect from an acupuncture session.

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If you have not, there is nothing I can say to you to make you believe it won’t hurt…you just have to try.

However, I will say, if you are feeling pain I have so many ways to make that stop, from lowering the depth of the needles to switching over to nano-needling which has zero needles, it’s more like a stimulating massage that feeds your face! But trust me, if there has even been a time to go out on a limb and try….this is it!

Is Cosmetic Acupuncture Right for Me?

If you have any of the following conditions it is NOT right for you.

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  • Pregnant
  • On Blood Thinners (Can only use Nano-Needling)
  • If you have open sores, active acne or Keloid scars on your face


It’s for you!

How Much Does Cosmetic Acupuncture Cost?

The most economical way to achieve your desired results is to buy a package of 6 Facelifts.

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You will be put on a six-month payment plan of $250/month. Which is a $900 savings over buying them individually.

One session bought individually costs $400.

Cosmetic Acupuncture Packages

Non-Surgical Facelifts
Using state of the art equipment, Chinese Medicinal Nutraceuticals, and years of experience treating the whole body—Kitsap Cosmetic Acupuncture will lift not only your face, but your whole health as well.

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Rose Package

All-Inclusive 6 Month Package billed Monthly. Each month you get one Microneedling treatment, two 20 minute Red Light treatments to boost your collagen over 200%, a Nano-needle treatment at week 3 of your healing along with a full-body acupuncture treatment to balance your entire body. You also get an herbal consult if needed to bring your digestion, sleep or stress, into a place of balance. Each of your treatments will take place on a 5-Therapy Mat* which will help move toxins out of your body and balance your body chemistry. 

The Lotus Package

One Microneedle Session a month with a 20 minute Red Light session to boost collagen by 200%.Your session will be on the 5-Therapy Mat* which will help eradicate toxins in your body and encourage cell growth. 

The Protea Package

Add a side of Acupuncture on a 5-Therapy Mat*with your Monthly Microneedle visit. Is there a body part that is troubling you? Is your sleep or digestion off? Let’s target those areas with acupuncture during your facials. Let’s bring everything back to balance. 


Thin skin? Eye Bags? Discolorations? Add Nano on weeks 3 and 4 of your recovery to continue to heal these aspects of your skin. Nano by itself boosts your product absorption by 95%. 


Meet the Acupuncturist

There used to be a time when my work was simply called healing. And I would have been called healer. That is my favorite title of all.

I was groomed for this work since I was a child. Therapeutic healing came early and naturally to my hands. As natural as breathing.

Next came learning the precision. An eagle-eye clarity for cutting to the center and repairing from the root.

Couple that with different Masters, plants and lands from around the globe and you begin to understand the full breadth of what is being offered.

It’s not just that in treatment with me you are seen, and heard, and deeply held and cherished. It’s the discernment that leads to the profound healing in body, mind and spirit.

I am a work in progress, as we all are. However, I’m deeply committed to my own personal work, which allows me to deepen my connection with the work I can offer you.

The organic nature of the treatments speaks deeply to each of our journeys.

Being chosen as a healer is such a great honor. Walking the path, if even only for a short time together, is an amazing gift. I am deeply humbled.

“Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.”