Acupuncture Point Injections

Elisha is proud to offer Dr. Captain’s training in Acupuncture Point Injection. Using sterile needles we inject into acupuncture points remedies to further your healing journey.

Her most common cocktail is Traumeel to reduce inflammation and pain, Procane for pain and also to eat scar tissue, and B12. This magic trio is best for ANY TYPE of pain.

Have nerve pain, we add Gelsemium to the mix and watch as your world changes in front of you.

In addition Elisha offers the remarkable scar remodeling which flattens, reduces redness, and eliminates the ravages of scar tissue. This treatment needs to be offered only once. Over the next two months your scar will continue to remodel itself.

Elisha ALSO has Huang Qi which she sources from China…Huang Qi is a massive immune modulator and boost your immune system to 100%. This can be used weekly for allergies, It can be used after you have been sick. It can also be used before you are planning on being with groups of people to boost your immune system.

Elisha has a full range of homeopathic ampules to pull from to deepen your Acupuncture treatment or to simply treat as stand alone.

Please call or email with any questions or to book an appointment.

Allergy testing is done on the first visit to ensure you do not have any negative effects from the treatment.