Elisha is a Modern Day Mystic who dabbles in a large array of healing styles, all stemming from her deepest desire to be of service, to inject a sense of love into this planet by awakening you to your inner guidance.  Here is where all the answers you seek lay.

After over 20 years of being an acupuncturist, Elisha has crafted her own unique style of artistic expression of this amazing medicine. Her treatments are based deeply in her intuition and long only to reconnect you with yourself. Her definition of being a healer has changed over the years. She used to think she could heal people. She used to think it was her job to help people feel better. But she realized they only felt better when they were with her. So, she changed her focus to teaching people how to feel better.

Learning to listen to your own guidance is one of the foundational teachings of happiness, centeredness, vitality and health.

Elisha helps you unwind what you know about yourself to include how to feel best in every moment. Our thoughts create our realities, so how do we connect in and understand how our thoughts are affecting our breath, our health, and our comfort in our bodies?

Elisha sees Acupuncture as a way to unblock physically, emotionally and spiritually where we have stopped listening to ourselves which allows us to step fully into all of who we are.

Elisha uses Acupuncture to help move energy through after THETA healing sessions, after Mona Lisa’s and as healing work while undergoing SAAT treatments.

If you are wanting to use health insurance please visit our sister healing center in Poulsbo. Elisha sees acupuncture clients at Kitsap Family Acupuncture every Tuesday where health insurance is happily accepted.