Before You Visit

Before Your Appointment: What you need to know

This is a list of how to have the smoothest, easiest experience with your Mona Lisa Vaginal Rejuvenation.

Please arrive at your session knowing you will be taken excellent care of. Please wear comfortable, non-binding clothing, including looser underwear.

I find it is best if you shave all your pubic hair off. With all your hair off, I can apply a numbing cream to your pubic mound and labia, making the experience almost pain-free.

The laser inside your vagina will NOT be felt.  Some report a small vibration feeling, but there is no pain.  If you are very tight and dry there may be some very mild discomfort as I insert the laser…but that is mild and short lived.

With the numbing cream, there is a mild-spicy sensation as I laser to the outside of your vagina. If you don’t shave, please know that most of the hair will be burnt off by the laser anyway, so it is in your best interest to shave fully.

Please know that you should fully urinate before your session. You can urinate directly after, but you should know for the first hour after the procedure that it may burn. Therefore, if you can wait, I recommend doing so.

I will have an ice pack here for you after your session. However, I have found that if you allow the sensation to pass, it passes very quickly. If you apply ice to the area, while it feels better immediately, it seems to take longer for the sensations to pass entirely.

There can be mild swelling and burning on the pubic mound and the upper thigh/labia area from the laser for up to 48 hours. Please know that IS POSSIBLE. You will be tender for a few hours after the procedure, but that is the only discomfort for many. In the worst-case scenario, there is tenderness for 48 hours. This is normal.

Please do not have sexual intercourse or insert anything into your vagina for at least 48 hours. Please test with your finger insertion first to ensure the tissue is healed before intercourse. That means that with your finger inserted, there is no pain, irritation, or unusual swelling. Be prepared to feel a vagina that you have not felt potentially for a very long time. (I know I was VERY surprised!)

If you have a history of genital herpes please know this.  Begin you anti-viral medication (even if it’s Lysine) 5 days prior to your session, and continue 5 days after your session.  Reschedule if you are having a breakout.

If you have a history of sexual abuse, please email or call us directly so we can alert you to some fabulous pre-work you can do prior to your session.