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Don’t be Scared! Really….

I am a huge scaredy-cat when it comes to procedures. But when my friend said to me….”I no longer have vaginal dryness”….I put on my big girl pants and jumped right in.   Don’t be scared. It’s a laser in your vagina, yes. I guarantee you do much riskier things EVERY day.   This procedure …

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For many years I couldn’t feel my own body.

For many years I couldn’t feel my own body.   It was a stranger to me.   I gave it away for many reasons, but strangely I could almost could feel myself through others.   And somehow that never occurred to me to be wrong.   And then I found meditation, and I felt uncomfortable.  …

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What is Heart Unfoldment?

Let’s dive deep for a moment and get to the root of this fabulous class.   Four reasons this class is for you. You have just gone through a loss.  This can be the loss of a loved one, a job, sense of self, joy, loss of anything that pulls you from your center. You …

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Ready to March to the Beat of your OWN drum?

This is my best Aquarian advice. Care Less. Care less about what others think.  Care less about pleasing others when it means you are harming yourself.  Care less about getting somewhere exactly on time if you have to put yourself at risk in anyway.  Care less about saying the wrong thing or how it will …

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