Heart Unfoldment Journey

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This is a journey that was born out of the understanding that sometimes all you need is a little adjustment to see the whole picture.

This is a great first or fiftieth stop on that journey.

The Unfoldment Journey takes you from a single conscious breath into dozens of visualizations that help unlock areas of your life that have been blocked to you. Along with so many tools to bring into your life to use whenever needed.

Through this work, you will learn the awareness of how to let go, how to reframe your thinking, and EVEN look at past events as teaching examples and then change the outcome and learn to find your power. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This is for the travelers among us who know they are bolder, brighter, more courageous and aligned than they feel inside at this moment. Who know if they have something inside of them that wants out. Who are ready to throw away all the riffraff that tells them they aren’t lovable and start down a new path. A path that feeds their soul and bolsters their heart.

These are tools I’ve gathered in my 27 years of healing work. They are hard won and I share them with you because they don’t have to be!

Join me, I can’t wait to take you on this ride.

Table of Contents with Section Descriptions

Week 1—The journey to the heart always begins with a breath
We begin our exploration by coming home to ourselves and our breath. We get to step back into ourselves in a way that isn’t littered with past-time bombs. We start our unwinding and awakening process. And with that…we truly are off to an amazing start.

Week 2—Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Whose the baddest bitch out there?
We learn our first exercise that will follow us for the next six months. You find out what happens when you look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I love you.” What happens next determines everything.

Week 3—What’s behind door #3? Could it be everything you’ve been waiting for?
This week teaches us how to walk through the door to our everything by asking, what if I deserved to be loved simply because I exist? And how to teach yourself that statement is true.

Week 4—Which way do you vibrate? And how to make sure it’s the right way.
This week we learn what it means to be in resonance. And once we get there, we anchor it with a very slow body scan.

Week 5- Change the past to alter your present and make it good this time!
This week we look back at the last month, and then we learn how to find our power in any situation, even when we feel our most powerless.

Week 6— All the old outdated beliefs die here, and good riddance.
This week tells a story and invites you into a very deep writing exercise that will pull an old belief out of your body and allow it to change in a single breath.

Week 7— What would you do if you met your Carbon Copy? What might you change?
This week we learn a carbon copy clearing where we invite everything inside us that no longer serves us to lift out of our bodies and then fill those spaces with new regenerative energy. So lay back and allow your mind to simply follow the prompts.

Week 8—Who are you calling Square? I’ve always resonated more with circles!
This week we do a little yoga and learn the technique called Squares. This technique has changed the way I process all emotions whose roots elude me. It is priceless in my toolbox, and I hope it will be in yours too!

Week 9, I think I can…I think I can…I think I can….
A challenge…if you change ONE little letter, how much of your life will change?

Week 10: Bye-Bye Birdie
Learning how to let go. Yeah, you really can.

Week 11: The rainbow flavors of Strength are yours in triplicate!
This week is our hinge week, where you start putting these learnings to work in your own life! We talk about strength; what does that look like? What does it mean? And how can you harness it?

Week 13: Let go, Let god: Then let’s get a smoothie!
Why we are tested? What does that mean? And how do we keep up? Letting go continues at a new level. We are going a little deep as we shift a little deeper this week.

Week 15: Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY! Not on my watch!
Opposites and fears and questions, oh my! We learn an amazing technique for moving through fear. It’s possible to look at fear head-on and choose differently!

Week 17: Oh, I didn’t realize you hadn’t left yet.
We finally get to the W word, Worth. Let’s get into the muck and get a little dirty!
How much does our past truly influence our present? And do we really want that in our lives?

Week 19: Where are my unicorns and rainbows?
How to understand your true path. Am I on it? How do I find it?

Week 21: I am ready to love myself, and there is nothing you can do to stop me.
How to keep coming back to self-love. Even when you don’t think you can.

Week 24: This is the end, beautiful friend, this is the end.
Are you ready for Euphoria? Final thoughts for how to put all of this together and use it in your life.