Don’t be Scared! Really….

I am a huge scaredy-cat when it comes to procedures.

But when my friend said to me….”I no longer have vaginal dryness”….I put on my big girl pants and jumped right in.


Don’t be scared.

It’s a laser in your vagina, yes.

I guarantee you do much riskier things EVERY day.


This procedure takes a total of 30 minutes…with 10 minutes for talking and 15 minutes for the numbing creame…so you do the math about how long this takes to hopefully eradicate the following:

  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Persistent Non-Food Related yeast infections
  • Chronic Bladder infections and UTI’s.
  • The inability to laugh or jump on a trampoline without peeing yourself.
  • Need I say more?

The Mona Lisa Touch is safe, effective, quick, almost painless, transformative and LIFE CHANGING.



Can i share a testimonial from one of my clients?

Elisha is the best! She was my acupuncturist 20 years ago over in the Woodinville/Bothell area of Washington State. After several moves for us both, I was overjoyed to see her recently land close by in Poulsbo. We were recently reunited, and I have had both the Mona Lisa and the Micro-needling treatments with her. I highly recommend both.
For any woman looking to address issues with vaginal dryness, UTIs, or frequent urination/incontinence, the Mona Lisa treatment will change your life in just one treatment. You basically feel like a new person. Elisha is very knowledgeable about the entire process and guided me every step of the way. It was everything she promised and more, with no side effects or post-treatment issues. The Microneedling brought a new level of glow and smoothness to my face, and I continue to receive compliments about how my skin looks. I highly, highly recommend Elisha and both of these treatments! 
See.  Don’t be scared.  It really is ok.  It’s ok to take your power back.  It’s ok to feel juicy again.  It’s ok and MORE to love sex again! There, I said it.  We are allowed to love sex.  For it to feel good.  For us to feel our bodies in their highest expression of ectasy.
Mine stopped feeling ecstatic.
So I jumped without asking any questions and I’m so glad i did.
I feel like i have MY life back!  (And my husband is damn happy too :)
Ask any questions you have.  I will answer anything.  You cannot shock me.  I want to restore what is rightfully yours.  So come on in and let me!