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Let’s start with the fabulous origin story of this laser.  A decade ago a laser like the one I use was used for ablative surgery.  About a year after their surgery women started calling in…all over the world…and asking for the surgery again.

“Are you bleeding again?” They were asked.

“No, but I got my vaginal lubrication back, or my incontinence was better, or I have’t had a UTI since this procedure…and it’s wearing off and I’d like another one.”

Obviously we do not have the laser that was used for the ablation surgeries. They stepped our version of the laser down and put a shunt on the end, which stops the laser from going towards the cervix. But what we do have is the ability to regenerate healthy tissue in the vagina. We can grow collagen and elastin inside the vagina which brings moisture back. It also tightens the vagina, it also lifts the vagina. Why is this important? Your ureter after having babies has fallen and that is one of the reasons you experience incontinence. The Mona Lisa procedure reverses that, lifts the ureter, and stops incontinence. This is done in combination with pelvic floor work, however, if you have been working your pelvic floor and still find yourself incontinent, then this is your solution.

The procedure itself is painless. We can take it a step further, and say it’s richly transformational by re-introducing you to your sacred feminine power. We can skip that part if you just want to be able to laugh without peeing, but it is my finding that this Mona Lisa creates a sense of internal strength that many of us lost along time ago.

The reason I have brought this treatment to glow-vibe is that I needed it. I didn’t even know the Mona Lisa was a thing and a girlfriend called me and told me about it. I went down to Sedona and had the procedure. I was shocked to my core at how I felt enlivened inside. I spent the next three days, allowing myself to heal. I felt different somehow. I didn’t know why until the first time I made love to my husband then I made love to my husband.  As he entered me, I started crying. He obviously stopped and asked if I wasn’t healed yet—and when I found my words what I said was I really feel you for the first time. 

I have been a victim of a sexual assault many years ago, which unbeknownst to me had left me partially numb in my vagina. What I didn’t know is that I was being gifted my own full sense of feeling myself again. A feeling of getting my own power back. I will never forget that moment of being and feeling totally authentically myself!

I have been lucky enough to hear many women tell me about their journey into themselves after this treatment. I get to hear of their stories of reconnection with their partners, in addition to the reality  of the incontinence being gone, and their vagina being moist again and in also no longer having UTIs or non-diet related candida. 

This treatment is a gift for women. It is primarily about women’s pleasure. It restores it. It amplifies it. 

Have you been wondering where your youth went? Have you been wondering where your power went? Have you been wishing you felt vital and alive? Then this is your treatment. This is for you. This is for you to be all of who you are from the inside out. You can do all of the work on your heart and your mind, I literally had every therapy possible to heal from what happened to me and I thought it was truly behind me. But sometimes you just need a fresh start! Sometimes you just need a redo. And that is what this is. Just like Oprah gives out new cars. I am over here giving out new vaginas!

Are you ready?  I literally brought this treatment here for you!  I’m ready to help you change everything.

What is Mona Lisa Vaginal Rejuvenation?

The Mona Lisa Vaginal Rejuvenation is performed with a carbon-based laser that is both vaginally inserted and used externally to fully rejuvenate your vagina, labia and pelvic mound.

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It does this by increasing collagen, vascularization, and elastin to the inside and surrounding areas of your vagina.

That is a lot of words to say….Do you want your vagina to look,feel, and act like it did when you were younger?

Of course you do!

Do you want your sex life to be off the charts? Do you want to throw out all the lube and instead be your own best lubricant? Do you want to be able to laugh hard and proud and keep all the urine inside until you decide to pee? Do you want to stop having all these bladder infections and the constant rounds of antibiotics?

Of course you do!

Who are we?

We are women just like you, at various stages of our lives, wanting YOU to live your best life. We love what we do and WE LOVE how we change your life. The treatments are very private, safe, hygienic and best of all fast! There is little to no pain and we make sure to take your comfort into our hands from when you walk in the door, until you skip out! (You might just want to!)

Mona Lisa Vaginal Rejuvenation is best for

  • Increasing Collagen, Elastin and Vascularization to the Vagina inside and out
  • Reestablishing Moisture aka wetness
  • Tightening the Vagina
  • Restoring Health and Elasticity to the walls of the Vagina
  • Making Puffy Clouds out of your Labia
  • Tightening the pelvic mound
  • Restoring the color of your vagina to healthy shades!
  • Stopping Incontinence
  • Kicking out all the ghosts that have lingered there too long!
  • Giving you your body back

Fresh Start

Getting Divorced?  Breaking up with a long term partner?  Entering Middle Age and looking for a new you?  Wanting to feel like you are clearing energy from the past in the way that nothing else can?

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This incredible laser will do all of that.

I had no idea what a powerful experience I would have when I had my Mona Lisa treatment. The first time my husband and I made love after the procedure I started crying these amazing tears of love. I truly felt like I was inviting him inside me for the first time. That I was whole and inviting him into a place that was sacred. I had no intention of experiencing this…it just happened organically. This knowingness that my body was mine, and I was CHOOSING who I wanted to share it with.

There are so many other health and cosmetic benefits that arise with this procedure which are listed on the backside of this pamphlet, but I wanted to personally share my story of connection. My sexual relationship with my partner has reached new levels I never dreamed possible. I would love to gift you this same magic.

Become all of yourself again.


It doesn’t have to be like this.  Let me guess…the days of feeling lush are gone and with it is the feeling of dryness, brittleness, thin skin?   

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Let me guess…the incontinence?  Let me guess, the bladder infections?  Cosmetically let’s talk about the labia which used to be tight and full of blood and is now saggy and a lifeless color?  Is your pelvic mound sagging?

Guess What.

We can reverse all of that in 15 min.

You read that right. I said, we can reverse all of that in 15 minutes.

Let me introduce you to the Mona Lisa Laser. Menopause does NOT have to be the end of your fabulous sex life. It can be the beginning.

Plump Labia, Cushiony Soft vagina, Tight Pelvic Mound, Control when you laugh your heart out but not your pee. And did I mention..wet? Remember the days when we would get turned on and boom…you are a river flowing? Want those days back?

Become all of yourself again.

Mother’s Rejuvenation

Welcome to Motherhood. The land of peeing when you laugh. The world where you can no longer feel your man’s member in the space that was created from your lovely baby’s exit. The stretching of the nethers till you don’t recognize yourself again.

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Would you like help reversing that? You get to keep the baby, but you get your pre-pregnancy vagina back. Would you like that?

Let me introduce you to the Mona Lisa Laser. I think you are going to love her. In 15 minutes she can tighten your vagina, stop the peeing when you don’t want to pee and myriad of other fabulous side effects.

Need I say more?

Become all of yourself again.

Cancer Survivors–Let’s do this!

First my heart goes out to you and your beautiful vagina. So many survivors are left with side effects from the treatment which saved your life, but which destroyed your sex life and so much more. The never ending dryness. The thin walls constantly creating infections.

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You don’t have to live like that anymore.

Let’s do this!

Let me introduce you to the Mona Lisa Laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. With a 15 minute procedure we can re-establish wetness, bring circulation and some real consistency back to your vaginal walls, create a space that loves to love again–thereby allowing you the pleasure of intercourse yet again!

You got your life back. Now become all of yourself again!

Sexual Assault Survivors: Give me my Body Back!

My love. I truly feel your pain as I too was Sexually Assaulted at a young age. I worked so hard to heal that aspect of my life and actually convinced myself I had. And then I had this procedure and the first time I made love to my husband I started crying. I started crying because I was inviting him into me. I was inviting in the man of my dreams. I was inviting him to a space that was truly mine. And I did NOT see that coming.

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The feeling I had in the 48 hours where my body was healing from the procedure is a 48 hours I will never forget. I did not expect to feel emotions lift out of me. I did not expect to find a deeper love for myself. I did not expect to feel sexually alive in a way that I hadn’t in a very long time, a place rooted so deeply within me. And yet I felt all of these things.

I don’t know any other way to say this, but all the ghosts were gone. They were gone.

We will work very differently with you if this is why you are seeking out the Mona Lisa. We will make sure you feel so safe. That you feel so seen. That you feel that we are with you in a way that allows you to simply let go of all of it. Just let it all go. Leave it on the table and walk away and look only at what’s new. What’s you now.

If it’s time to step fully into your whole body, we are ready for you. To help root into your sacral chakra. To give you the freedom to ground into your life.

It’s time to become all of yourself again.

Mona Lisa Vaginal Rejuvenation FAQ

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Does it hurt?

No and a tiny bit. First let me say that I apply numbing cream to your pubic mound and labia. When I insert the laser you do not feel anything until I am right at the opening of your vagina. That is spicy for a quick second. You will feel that 4 times and that is the worst of it. It lasts only a few seconds. The rest is a little irritating but not horrible. The only people who CANNOT have the numbing cream are people who know they are allergic to novacaine. Please make sure you let us know on your intake form if you are allergic.

How many do I need?

That answer changes depending on the state of your vagina. If you have had many years of a menopausal vagina that is very dry and brittle the chances are you are going to need 3. If you are very badly radiation burned from chemo you may also need 3 sessions, but that truly depends. Everyone else really does extremely well with just one.

How did you find out about this treatment?

I had a very menopausal friend tell me about her experience. I was riveted. This woman had her life changed in this short session and I wanted to know more about it!

Why do you offer this treatment?

I have made healing women a priority for 25 years. If I can help integrate all our deep work together, help you heal in a way that literally nothing else can, and do it all in a safe environment then I want everything to do with that!

How much does it cost?

Each session is $800.
Do you sell packages? I do not sell packages. The price range for these treatments is $800-$1500. I am at the very lowest end of the scale and therefore you are already getting the very best price.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t have one?

If you have any lesions present in your vagina or are on anticoagulant treatment you are not a candidate. If you know you keloid scar we may want to have a conversation about that.

Can anything go wrong?

NOPE. There may be some redness, swelling and tenderness for 48 hours. Aloe can help soothe the slight burn that may occur on the public mound. We have aloe for sale here in case you think that might help you.

How long until I see changes?

That depends on your healing speed but definitely by 48 hours after the treatment. Some women see results the first day.

Do I really have to shave everything?

You don’t HAVE to, but if you want a more comfortable experience I highly recommend it. Please remember most of your hair will be burned off by the laser anyway….and you won’t get as much of the numbing cream to help with the laser burn.