Neuro Acupuncture

Neuro-Acupuncture has been around Chinese medicine for a very long time but Dr. Jason and Nancy Hao gave it legs again and Elisha was in the very first class they taught in North America. At the time she got the email about this incredible procedure she had an office full of Parkinson’s and MS patients and was not really able to help them in anyway. After taking this class, Elisha walked away with a very unique and powerful treatment philosophy. Using needles threaded along the scalp, which is painless by the way, Elisha can modify pain, tremors, and tightening, and sensations along the central nervous system or spine. This treatment works best for any condition that is rooted in the spine or nervous system.

Elisha offers this treatment at a reduced rate because she feels this is an important steppingstone for people with neurological conditions. Coming soon, Elisha is bringing back Acupuncture happy hour which will be two days a week in her new office opening in Silverdale in August 2024.

For more information or to schedule an appointment please call the office at 360–598–3206. This treatment needs you to be well hydrated with water and you will be allowed to walk around and use the restroom in case you were worried about that.

Elisha has been helping pain and neurological conditions with Neuro Acupuncture since it was released here in the United States almost ten years ago.