Please let me introduce the Mona Lisa Touch….A Shakti Explosion!

Healing work changes as the healer changes.

I am changing.

I have stepped in my crone phase… you know what that means?  It means that I no longer deny the power that surges through me.


This healer has found the modality that unifies everything I have been working on for the past 25 years.  This healer has found the treatment that heals the womb, the center, the life body of the female sex.  


Please let me introduce you to the Mona Lisa Treatment–but what I rather like calling the Shakti Explosion.


This is a laser which is first inserted into the vagina, and then used around the labia and pubic mound.  And what it does?  Well it really depends how deeply you want to take this.


I went deep.

I let go of the ghosts of my past.

I let go of all the mistakes that were always hanging out in the background.

And I got so much more.


I’m going to be very frank here because for some reason it’s taboo to talk about the female body and especially female pleasure…but I’m an East Coast Jewish Curly-haired Aquarian who just entered her crone phase, so I’m going to do as I damn well please!


Let’s start cosmetically.


The vagina, when we are young, is a beautiful flower.

As we age, push kids through, receive so many (insert object) into them.  Well, they get tired.  And rightly so, the hormones that used to make her hum start diminishing and we are left with a lifeless color, thin labia, thin vaginal walls, flabby pelvic mounds….. may like that….but I think you just are used to it.  Because I used to have that vagina and now let me tell you how she purrs….


Big juicy soft pink labia again.

Wet inside even before I need her to be.

Thicker walls that feel like they can take….well you know what I’m thinking.

Tight pelvic mound.


That’s right.  I literally feel like I have my 18-year old vagina back.  


And let’s not even start on what my husband thinks, this will become X rated very quickly. 


Ok.  So now let’s talk about all the other ways this is going to change your life besides she looks beautiful again and OMG the sex life that is rekindled. 


Let me talk to my cancer survivors.  I know you hurt babe….this will reverse all of that dryness, it will thicken that skin.  


Let me talk to my menopausal ladies.  If you still have a beating heart then you still want sex on some level.  BUT lets get that moisture back, the wetness.  Let’s get rid of that incontinence and the bladder infections.  Let’s just get in there and fix the lot!  It is true that when you are very badly dried out it will take up to three treatments to get you where the rest of us are….but in 9 months (3 treatments 3 months apart) you will not believe how your life will change!


How about new Mama’s?  Stretched out….peeing with every sneeze, laugh or cough.  Let’s get you tightened back up!  


How about my darling survivors of sexual assault.

Let’s get you your body back, pronto.

Then the healing can be complete.  

It’s just you again.


And lastly, my divorcee’s.  

I don’t think I need to tell you that this is an essential step in moving on.


You know how Oprah used to say, “You Get a New Car, and You get a New car!”


Well I want to modify and steal that, say it with me, “You get a new vagina, and YOU get a new vagina and you get a new Vagina!”


Well, What are you waiting for?  Let’s do this!


This healer is ready for you.  She’s spent a lifetime working with you on becoming the best version of yourself…this seems like the most natural next step.  Helping you fully integrate ALL of you.