Ready to March to the Beat of your OWN drum?

This is my best Aquarian advice.

Care Less.

Care less about what others think.  Care less about pleasing others when it means you are harming yourself.  Care less about getting somewhere exactly on time if you have to put yourself at risk in anyway.  Care less about saying the wrong thing or how it will come across if it truly comes from our heart.

Now let’s unpack that.

I care about everyone and everything.  BUT.  I come from a place of living a life which strives to see the best in everyone–even in their worst moments.

Do I manage that all the time.

Hell no.

Do I try to figure it out when I’m not being the compassionate human I see myself as?  You bet.  And how do I do that?

That is where this gets juicy.



I find out why I stopped loving myself fully and completely.  I’m just jumping to the end….I don’t mess around with all the other pish-pash, I short circuit years of making myself relive what no longer truly matters.

There are people out there who will tell you that statement is selfish.

And I agree.

And I lean into that.

Because if I don’t love myself above all others….How can I have deeply rooted love to give others, sustaining fully embodied love?  How about compassion to offer them?  Patience to guide them?

There are many different kinds of people in the world and you can decide which on you want to be.

You can be a taker that always takes.

You can be a giver who always gives.

Or you can be a beautiful balance of both.

That balance requires give and take.  It requires you to know yourself, your motivations and your shadows.  It requires a confidence in your mind to believe in your immutable perfection as a human, simply for breathing, for having a beating heart, for being alive during this amazing time on the planet.


Some call me delusional, and worse, and I salute them.  I am all of the above and most gratefully so.  Everything I can do to keep coming back to my sweet heart I choose over and over again.  To keep coming back to flow.  To keep reuniting with my best self…I choose again and again!  Even if I have to fib myself just a little to get there.

For instance…let’s say I have this weird feeling of…jealousy.  That’s a powerful one. Let’s say it’s triggered by this person….who every time i see them, or hear about them, I get this nasty feeling in my body.  Well I don’t LIKE nasty feelings in my body….so I think to myself…what’s this about, really?

Let’s say that I determine (because I know myself so well) that I haven’t been working out as much because I’ve been busy, and their “perfect” body triggers me into jealousy in my body.  Seems like a good realization…here is what I do.

  1. I remind myself that I am feeling this because it’s an old feeling which is coming up to come out.  I practice a little gratitude around that so I can I have a bit of space.
  2. I ask myself if not working out right now makes me unlovable in some way.  I decide immediately that it does not. (That took years to get to, by the way.)
  3. Since I know it’s coming up to come out, and that it doesn’t make me unlovable, then I admit to myself that I am going to have to bridge the moment of this bad jealousy feeling leaving my body by pretending to love my body exactly as it is.  Yes, you read that right…I have to start with a little pretending!
  4. What happens?  First….nothing but I keep telling myself that I love myself and that my body is perfect as it is.  And the jealousy just sits there. I look at myself, I touch myself and I say to myself…you are so beautiful.  I cringe inwardly a little, so I say it again and again until I can say it with a smile that doesn’t falter.  That used to take much longer than it does now, btw.
  5. THEN i keep doing it.  I compliment myself.  I find that I make a little more time for exercise and it feels good to do so…so I make a little more time.  I even make time for stretching at night.
  6. Then. I see that person who incited a nasty feeling inside me and feel nothing but admiration for them, and love, and compassion for myself for being a silly human having silly experiences sometimes. I even thank them (to myself) for shining a light on energy that needed to be released, AND inspiring me to move my body more!
  7. Boom. Shadow lifted.

So this is just a quick post to walk you through releasing all the things that stop you from experiencing your best life.  Your life filled with ease, and joy, and love and fun!  And that is how you march to the beat of your own drum!  Aquarian Style!


And btw…this can be challenging at first.  And if you need help, I am here.  I love walking people towards their brightest lights…it helps me shine even brighter :)