SAAT—Soliman Auricular Acupuncture Technique

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The SAAT Allergy Treatment is the most effective treatment of allergies that I have found in my 20+ years as a healer.  

Do you have allergies or sensitivities you wish were a thing of the past?  The sneezing, the runny nose, the digestive and skin issues…even for some a never ending feeling of fatigue, bloating and just not feeling like yourself?

SAAT might be what you have been waiting for!

The process is simple.  Let’s take Dairy for example.  If you experience an allergic reaction  or sensitivity to dairy, we first find out what part of dairy?  We find  that out with muscle testing—which means when dairy is in your field you go weak. Once we figure that out we treat the allergy where it shows up on your ear from our electric ear-point finder. (This is a machine that allows us to track where EXACTLY your energy connection is broken so we can place the needle and restore the flow of energy.)

A needle is then inserted in that point. Then we retest you to see if you are now testing as strong when the specific dairy that affects you is in your field.  You will know before you leave the treatment room if the treatment is working or not.

Then you avoid dairy for three weeks.

Then eat all the dairy you want…symptom free.

But lets take what many of us have as an underlying problem, that is MCAS or Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.  This one is slightly different because there are two ways this shows up.  Either as MCAS or as MCASAA which means the auto-immune version of this.  We can find this out easily, however, MCAS is treated in 3 weeks  where MCASAA is treated in four.  Also, it is recommended to take Dr. Solimans homeopathic sprays for eight weeks with this treatment for the best results.

As far as what you can do during this treatment?  With MCAS or MCASAA you can always stick to a low histamine diet for the duration of the needling which will allow your body time to decompress from the abundance of histamine in your system. (It’s easy to google high histamine foods to see which are the offenders you can avoid.). And start doing some Liver Love…that means castor packs over the Liver and ask Elisha what supplements create the most effective release of stuck toxins in the liver.

Are you ready to give this a whirl?

You really have nothing to lose, you will have evidence your treatment is working before you pop off the table! 

If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

And coming in 2025:  Elisha will be fully certified in Dr. Solimans original medicine technique called Auricle Medicine.  More coming on that soon!  And trust me…it’s something to get excited about.