Shakti Explosion! When your power refuses to be anything less than all it is!

Shakti Explosion

Does that resonate with you?  Maybe not yet.  Let’s dig a little deeper and get on the same page.  


Shakti is the primordial power of femininity.  It is the glow that surrounds pregnant women.  It’s the power that allows a woman to leave an abusive relationship. It’s the music that makes a woman’s hips dance, igniting her inner fire.  Every woman houses this raw essence inside of her.  Every woman’s destiny is to to become one with that true life force inside her.



Maybe you have been feeling the stirrings of a long asleep empowerment gathering around your ankles?  Maybe you have been looking at your life and thinking, I want something different?  I want something more?  Maybe you have been speaking up where before you were silent?


This Shakti Explosion is happening globally. It’s an inner revolution.  It’s a full body remodel from the way we think and process information, to how we respond to situations.  It’s how we look at ourselves in the mirror and even in the clothes we chose.


It’s in the words we speak.


We are getting closer to understanding that words matter.

That the words that come from our mouths make an energetic agreement and that we want our agreements to benefit not just us, but our human collective.



This is the time of mothers, of survivors, of sisters and Priestesses.  This is the time when we are more than ever digging into the core of us and pulling the string that has stifled our silence backwards through our family lines.


Feel as you loosen the thread how the warmth rises up from the core of you.


Feel as you settle into the mist and see your world changing before you even finish your breath.


You.  You are doing this.  You are creating this magic.


It begins in your root.

It begins in your knowing who you are.


And it begins by taking possession of all of you.



I just did this.

I reclaimed my body for myself and chose, with purpose to allow my partner to be in union with me.

This act of intimacy was the most daring I have ever done.

I freed myself of the past and stepped in the present wide open and aware of my choices.


Do you want this?


Do you want to be whole again?  Do you want your birthright returned to you?  Do you want full sovereignty over your being?  Join me in this revolution of self.  Join us all as we take back our bodies, release the ghosts, scream out what needs to be cleansed and cry ourselves with love back into our own hearts.


Let me be your guide.


Let me give you……the totality of you.