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I was introduced to tarot over 30 years ago when my sister gave me a deck wrapped in a silk scarf.  “What are these” I asked.  “Whatever you need them to be,” my sister said.

I didn’t know what to think, I looked at those pictures for years and only regret giving this deck to a friend who really needed them years later when I had many other decks I called my own.  But sometimes the cards pick their diviners.

And this is how I feel about tarot in general.  It was the first way I learned to interpret the messages of the divine.  The images pull words from my mouth and the colors fill in the stories.  Tarot has been my constant support as long as I can remember and giving readings has been an art that has deepened over the years.  It’s one of the ways I’m a story teller.

I’ve had many teachers, the biggest teacher being life itself.  My readings always find the message of hope and forward movement, and if not that, then the path towards peace.  There is no lesson here to discourage us…and I can show you when you pick your cards how true that is!

You can pick from a few readings that pair best with my intentions for you, but you can also follow them with an anchoring acupuncture session to deepen their magic.

If you are a remote client, we can do a modified Theta session to create clear energy for any blocks that make themselves known.  Please use my wide gifts as your personal magic to step into your full power, your full magic, your full awakened self.

Join me…lets see what the cards have to say!