Theta Healing

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Theta healing is the culmination of all my years of being a healer. It’s an ecstatic release of your subconscious beliefs. Those beliefs you didn’t know were running your life…Those fears you didn’t know where stopping your manifesting. Those resentments that were buried but were controlling your mind. All of it! We start with one thread and pull until we get to the bottom of it…and then we do something I didn’t even know was possible. We clear it.

Yes, that’s right. We clear it and anything attached to it…and then we download everything you need to make a different reality in this moment.

If that sounds like your jam, like your cup of tea, like what you’ve been waiting for…then jump aboard.

Theta has changed my life! I had no idea it was possible to get a hold of my thoughts. I had no idea the majority of my thoughts were moving against me. Once I realized that, shifted it, and decided what thoughts were in my highest and best interest my life changed on a dime.

Want this for yourself?

Two options, in person or virtual.
Sessions are an hour.
Healing from the inside out is such a gift.
You are worth it.