What is Beauty?

I mean…that’s a fair question, right?


It’s easy to notice beauty in nature:  flowers, trees, beach, ocean, and who can forget sunsets.  There is the beauty we hear in music, in a lovers or child’s voice, in the wind.  And there is the beauty that we can all agree on–or is there?



Let’s look at what makes us beautiful.

I personally think it stems from something inside us.  A glow that permeates outwards and forms itself as a light that encircles us.

I think it’s the grace that we accumulate through life–learning and growing and failing and overcoming and becoming more of who we are.  I think it’s the dance we weave in the things we say, the way we feel, the depth of our connections.


I see beauty differently because I work with people for a living.  Real people, having real moments, real pain, real enlightenment, real times.  And when they are in the depths of it, and find the first new step–and learn to trust if even for a moment…in that spark, I see the most beautiful thing.  I see the present moment.  But not just any present moment, THE present moment, the moment where all of possibility lives.  I see that knowingness as the most beautiful thing there is.




What is it not?

Just high cheek bones, No frown lines, No Age spots, thin waist…all those things we have agreed (well most of us have) that are beautiful.  But that is societies idea of beauty with a little b….because let me tell you….without that spark….without the work that unfolds your heart, without knowing in every cell of your lovely body how truly loved you are simply for being alive in this moment with the ability to just take a breath…all of that counts as bumpkis!


What I want you to feel me saying right now is that yes, I can lift your face, lighten your spots, erase your wrinkles and then what? Without that glow to make it all sparkle…it’s just that.  There’s no magic.  There’s no…you.


So here’s my suggestion on how to pull it all together?  You want my help making you look younger?  I can do that!  But here is what I suggest you do if you really want to shine.  Begin with the inner work.  I suggest my Heart Unfoldment Class.  Buy the books I recommend in the class if they sing to you.  Definitely do the meditations, the exercises, the visualizations.  I made this class six months long to go along with your Microneedling package.  Each layer of your face we do comes with a deeper exploration of the layers of the heart.  Then when you are done, when we make your insides and your outside shine on like the diamond that you are…then we will all meet you in the totality of your sparkling glory!


So, does the Microneedling Non Surgical Face Lift work?  You bet your bottom dollar it does.

Can you stop there?


Can you supercharge the effects by doing some inner work along the way?

100000000% yes.

But this ride is yours, and I will meet you where you are.

I love this work.  I love this ride.  I love working with people in every stage of their evolution.

When do you want to get started?