What is Heart Unfoldment?

Let’s dive deep for a moment and get to the root of this fabulous class.


Four reasons this class is for you.

  1. You have just gone through a loss.  This can be the loss of a loved one, a job, sense of self, joy, loss of anything that pulls you from your center.
  2. You have stopped feeling.
  3. You don’t know who you are anymore.
  4. You love digging deep into what gets lost/locked/hidden in your subconscious


Want an explanation of the above reasons to dig into the Heart Unfoldment, in case this is starting to resonate?

When we go through loss we enter into a phase of our life where we let go.  Sometimes not because it’s our choice.  But in that process there is the letting go, but ALSO recreating the space that empties out.  This process takes you deep into yourself, the very beautiful core of you–emptying out what no longer serves you, and then we build you back…the way you want it.


If you have stopped feeling that means that you are not processing deep, real, true information that will help you best make decisions in life, best work from your highest potential, best attract what you desire into your life.  So in essence, when you stop feeling…you stop creating positive momentum in your life.  This course plugs you deeply into your feelings.  Get ready for the best re-boot of your life!


Many times we become the roles that we play.  Mother, Sister, Daughter, Father, Brother, Son, insert roles that apply.  But you are so much more than that. At your shiny core you are the perfect manifestation of everything you have ever desired.  When you forget who you are…there is something so beautiful missing for you.  Let’s find that part of you and bring it to the forefront. Let’s remind you who you really are.


You are a spiritual wizard…you love, nay crave digging into your juicy center and look for every trick to get you there because you KNOW how magical that heart space is when it’s unemcumbered, when it’s alive and free to expand and beat to it’s full rock star limits.


All of us benefit from the heart unfoldment course.

I use all of the exercises in this course in my life.

I can’t wait to hear how you do too!