When the weight of the world feels too heavy…

I know that feeling all too well.


And I know you do too, because more and more of my patients are coming in with that particular concern.  It feels like time is speeding up, like we are responsible for so much more than we ever have been before, like life just keeps piling up….grief, loss, trauma, pain—the shadowiest shadows seem to blanket us from dawn till dawn.


So what can be done?  When the weight of your world feels too heavy, there is only one thing to do.





I’m going to offer some really really practical ideas here.  Some you will love.  Some you will instantly say are impossible.  Those are the ones I want you to pay special attention to.

  1. Really–breathe.  Find a meditation practice that works in your life…and if you need help with that, it’s my speciality hooking you up with the right style or visualization.  Breathing, taking time to unplug, taking time to let your mind focus outside of its confines….heals on so many levels.  And the only way you will know how very right I am, is by trying.
  2. Actually lighten the load.  Look at all the things…ALL THE THINGS…and decide which needs to change or even better–go.  That ONE!  The one you thought of and then said, I can’t let that go…that one has to shift.  And I know–there is someone out there who just said to me…so i’m not supposed to keep caring for my ailing this or that….and I didn’t say that….I said…lighten the load.  That may mean get help.  That many mean step away completely….Clearly the choice is yours…but there is ALWAYS room to shift a situation to a place that feels better….even if it’s marginally better.
  3. Move your body more.  It is proven that exercise, no matter how minimal feeds the soul, moves energy, clears the mind and relieves stress.  A 10 minute walk can sometimes change the entire tone of your day.  Some chair yoga can shift almost everything even just a little bit.  Walking the dog can increase endorphins in the body!  If you have pain…let’s work on that so we can get you moving!  Movement begets movement!!!!!

These are some great places to start.  I know these work because I use them.  Talking about how things are terrible just makes them more terrible…AND someone has to shoulder all that for you.  I’m not suggesting not talking with friends….community is key…but coming from someone who takes on way too much almost all the time…when I take my own advice I don’t need to unburden anything anymore…I’m ready to journal! I’m ready to play!  I’m ready to dance!  I’m ready to take my dog on a hike in the green hills!


Let’s get you there!


There is so much freedom when we give ourselves permission to claim some of it!  And I’m rooting for you!